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The Life and Art of Edna Hibel

A new biography, “The Life and Art of Edna Hibel,” has just been released.  The 11-1/2” x 9”, 265-page hardcover book features full color images of the renowned artist’s work, along with never before released photographs of Edna, her family, friends, and important collectors. 

The issue price is $95.00. 

A special section of the book with a new exclusive edition of 250 lithographs is available for $500.00.

The author, Shawn McAllister, has written many books, produced films, and acted in stage, screen, and television.  Noted author, Tod Plotkin, Edna’s husband of 66 years, wrote the introduction.

The Hibel book was published by Star Group International of West Palm Beach for the Hibel Museum of Art in Jupiter, Florida. 

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A.  Stories That Warm The Heart Book

 B.  Hibel's Russian Palette Video

Stories That Warm the Heart --More than a celebrated artist, Edna Hibel is a woman with a philosophy worth sharing with the world. Now, for the first time, her personal recollections reveal the essence of her soul. Her inspirational and often amusing stories reveal the loving and compassionate artist behind her beautiful art.

From childhood episodes to adventures as a well traveled celebrity, artist Edna spins tales of strange, funny, and unexpected events. Whether meeting the rich and famous, chatting with her friends, painting or managing her role as wife and mother.

Edna's stories reveal her basic sense of optimism, and belief in the goodness of her fellow man. Laugh and cry with Edna as she shares her incredible memories of an exceptionally full life. From the Star Group. $19.95 plus Priority mailing of $4.00.

 Note:  R2 i Edna Hibel Her Life and Art Book is out of print.

  Q2  Video  NOW $30 plus shipping

" Hibel's Russian Palette"  This 55-minute documentary won a Cultural Award from the American Association of Museums and was broadcast on nearly 100 P.B.S. stations and countless local network and cable channels throughout the country.


            Originally, the program’s goal was to show to its viewers the Russian people and its many cultural creations through the eyes of American artist Edna Hibel.  However, due to her overwhelming acceptance by the Russian authorities during her two historic exhibitions of her paintings and stone lithographs in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), she was granted the right to film, with rare exception, any place she wanted for this documentary.


            Consequently, the documentary turned out to be an historic piece of art film:

the first television program ever created in Russia (and the former Soviet Union) by a foreign woman.  Among its unprecedented footage is the last recorded interview with the director of the Hermitage Museum, images of a Romanov count, interviews with refuseniks, and the first program to show interviews with people on the streets, on their jobs, in their schools, and on their farms.  All of this is captured as the program interweaves beautiful images of Russia’s dancing—in the street, in a nightclub, and at the famed Kirov ballet—visual art at the Hermitage, architecture throughout various cities, and a famous Russian film, the first ever paid for by donations from the Russian people.  The viewer is also treated to poetry and to many selections of Russian music, including classical, liturgical, and rock and roll.


            In addition to the cultural material, there are many beautiful scenes, including views inside and outside of churches, and scenery of many different landscapes, including rivers, oceans, and rare aerial views.

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