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♦ I have been collecting for 7 years, looking now for umbria items, bought what you had @fl gallery trying to get a complete list of items made with no luck. Mrs. Nanci Cantrell -August, 2000

♦ I have enjoyed Ms Hibel's fine work for many years. I never tire of it. --July 2002

♦ Your site is very good.-December 2002

♦ Dear Mrs Hibel. I am so overjoyed to have the pleasure of looking at this site. It actually fills my heart with joy. We all know how gifted you are, but you have a little bit more than others. Maybe because for me I feel so much love coming from your joy of painting, and feeling I remember as a young girl in long island your work was being shown and i was just in awe they were basically on plates. That was over 30 years ago. Now one day I hope I will be able to purchase a painting of yours. I am a bit older now ,and the feeling I felt about your work than has only increased. With deep affection Roberta Goldsmith --February 2003

♦ I have 3 of edna hibel's early paintings purchased by mother who took lessons from Edna 45 years ago in Hull, Ma- February 2003

♦ I am amazed at how thorough this web site is. I just returned from Jupiter, Fl where I visited the Hibel museum and was just in awe of the Hibel art displayed there. Fortunately I was able to purchase four of Ms. Hibel's fine art work. Janice Stevenson  2003

♦ I thank Edna for the many hours of pleasure we receive when we look at our plates and lithos and paintings we have received over the years. Fondly, Flo Lewis-March 2003

♦ Dear Edna Hibel, you are the best!! I am the proud owner of five of your prints  Your  web-site is great, but being in your museum is thrilling!!!!! Thank you for all the enjoyment I've had with your art. Carol Small -March 2003

♦ I saw a show at Sacred heart Church on Sunday, April 27th and thought Edna's work was beautiful and really touching. I was sure the webpage would reflect what I saw of her. Rosa Maria Montenegro, April 2003


♦ I have always been a fan of Edna Hibel. I have four lithographs, Couthern Michigan  June-2003

♦ Edna Hibel is an inspiration and I adore her work. Susie Dilbaz- July 2003

♦ I love Edna Hibel's work. It brings me such pleasure. The beauty and love is over whelming..-August 2003

♦ precious and unique they all are. I just wanted to thank you for creating such beautiful work and look forward to seeing more in the future. Jamie David -September 2003

♦ My mother-in-law lives in Florida, and has 7 paintings of various sizes of mothers and children. She said they always remind her of her 3 grandchildren. Every time I see them I love them more. They are tender and truly beautiful. With much love, J in England-September 2003

♦ Dear Edna, My name is Andrea Lupo, I am 35 yrs old and your art has been in our family for many yrs. You are truely a remarkable person. My grandmother, Catherine Goldner has her house filled with your plates, art, etc. For mothers day, she always gave me one of your beautiful plates. I have 3 amazing girls and my only wish would be that you make a pencil drawing of them. My children know all about you.All 3 of my girls love to draw. Please think about it, look at their picture, and then decide. They have the most amzing , big, blue eyes that people stop them to comment. If you decide you are to busy, that is okay, because you are and will always be a member of our family. Thanks for your time, Andrea Lupo -September 2003

 ♦ "love your new website!" Peabody, Massachusetts-October 2003

♦ Dear Edna, I have what is MY favorite piece... (an orange cat with 4 golden birds) cat, whose name i can't recall (Stuart Altschuler did a beautiful job framing it for me and the cat's name is under it! I also have your signature, "Love, Edna" on the mat.. I treasure it completely!) I wish you did more animals; this kitty's face is just as lovely as any child's punim!!! I have two..a Birman and a Raggdoll. Let me know if you want them to "sit" for a sketch next time you visit Vivian!! Irene Gustat, Peabody, MA-October 2003

♦ I am very interested in Edna's work and would like to know if she is still working at her art work.I have been an admirer of he work for years and have quite a few of her plates, paintings etc. In the last five years I have been painting and she is one of the people that I look up to, for my inspiration.-November 2003

♦ I bought my only Hibel right after college...25 years ago. This was the very first time I stood for an hour mesmerized at any type of art work. The gallery was new and because these owners wanted people to buy various works, they allowed me to pay on a monthly basis. Besides my husband and three great children, this is the best investment I have ever made! I love Edna's work and only wish I could purchase more! She has always captured my heart and that of my mother's!-February 2003

♦ We have been huge fans of Ms. Hibel's intriguing work since we first saw it at her gallery on Worth Avenue in the Eighties. Soon, we hope to begin to grace our home with some of our favorites! Rob and Linda Goldsmith Palm City, Florida-December 2003

♦ Lovely site! Very nicely done! Still exploring it!-December 2003

♦ I have been an admirer of Mrs Hibel for many years , and am delighted to find her site, and share the beauty of her work. Its a priviledge to be possibly able to own a piece of history. With affection Marie gigival-January 2004

♦ What a wonderful surprise, I had not been aware of Ms Hibel's work . I will look further, she sounds like a most extraordianry  woman.February 2004

♦ I've enjoyed Ms. Hibel's work for a number of years. It's always enjoyable to browse this site. Kathy, Rhode Island-February 2004

♦ Baby" and "Oriental Cherry Blossom".  have gotten a lot of enjoyment from the works I own. Are any of her works available in Northern California?  July 2004

♦ Great work!!!

♦ Really enjoyed your Site! Good job, bye -Andrea  October 2004

♦Thanks for the useful site. Keep up the good work. God bless you and keep you. -John- April 2005

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