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                                                             Edna's Statement about Lithography

 Recent Original Stone Lithographs by  

             What is a  stone lithograph?  Here is an  explanation by Edna .

           Majesty at Taj Mahal           

 The original stone lithographs shown here were completed by Edna Hibel in her Zurich, Switzerland Studio over the years. Each edition may contain a variety of color sections. You  are seeing just one of several possible color sections available.  Please click to enlarge and please be patient. 

We  consider Edna Hibel to be a master lithographer. Her editions use up to 32 colors, requiring a separate stone and drawing for each color  Stone lithographs are original art since the original drawing touches the paper surface.  Edna signs each work, and hand-applied numbers in pencil show you the section, number, and edition size. 

All Hibel images are copyrighted by Hibel Studio, Inc 2001 and may not be reproduced without permission.   1-800-771-3362 for more information.


  Other recent Lithographs....

580-CHIOGGIA.JPG (51027 bytes) Chiogga LI580 also with Gold Section   

579-FANTASIA.JPG (62654 bytes)Fantasia LI579

578-MILLENNIUM_JOY.JPG (46705 bytes)Millennium Joy LI578

 577-ILLUSION.JPG (66837 bytes)  Illusion LI577

576-FLORAL_MYSTIC.JPG (68405 bytes)Floral Mystic LI576

575-COME LETS WATCH THE WORLD TURN GREEN.JPG (40212 bytes)Come Let's Watch the World Turn Green LI575

574-SOLOMAN.JPG (46178 bytes)Soloman LI 574





Me, Myself and I, LI573

572-60TH ANNIVERSARY FLOWERS.JPG (81310 bytes)60th Anniversary Flowers LI572

571-LEGACYS_CHILDREN.JPG (45077 bytes)Legacy's Children LI571

570-CHRISTINE__JACOB.JPG (18747 bytes)Christina and Jacob LI570

569- VALENTINA AND KORE.JPG (48599 bytes)Valentine and Kore LI569

568-ATHENA.JPG (48996 bytes)Athena Li568

567-THE_IMMIGRANTS.JPG (39151 bytes)Immigrants LI567

566-DiDi.JPG (44837 bytes)Didi LI566

Majesty at Taj Mahal LI565

563-YOUNG_LADYS_HEAD.JPG (35327 bytes)Young Ladies Head LI563

561-MY_AMERICA.JPG (75435 bytes)My America LI561

560-ELEPHANT PARADE.JPG (68166 bytes)Elephant ParadeLI560

559-ORIENTAL_DELIGHT.JPG (39169 bytes)Oriental Delight LI559

558-OUR_MOTHERS_BEFORE_US.JPG (62354 bytes)Our Mother's Before Us LI558

557-ANCIENT WISDOM.JPG (41002 bytes)Ancient Wisdom LI 557

556-BUTTERFLIES TOO.JPG (46484 bytes)Butterflies Too LI556

555-MY_KINGS__I.JPG (44512 bytes)My Kings and I LI555

554-MOTIF_I__II.JPG (48409 bytes)Motif Number 1 , 2 LI554

553-LORELEI__CHILDREN.JPG (43679 bytes)Lorelei and Children LI553

552-ABRAHAM LINCOLN.JPG (55559 bytes)Abraham Lincoln LI552

550-MOTHER__CHILD_OF_THERA.JPG (50471 bytes)Mother and Child of Thera LI550

549-FOOTNOTES_OF_A_SYMPHONY.JPG (45029 bytes)Footnotes of a Symphony LI549

548-CELIA.JPG (54901 bytes)Celia LI548

547-CALVIN.JPG (54337 bytes)Calvin LI547

546-JILL ANN.JPG (47641 bytes)Jill Ann LI546

545-WENDY THE YOUNGEST DOCENT.JPG (58301 bytes)Wendy the Youngest Docent LI545

544-SPRITES OF THE GRECIAN URN.JPG (35998 bytes)Sprites of a Grecian Urn LI544

542-JENNIFER MARY TAKING A BOW AT THE BOLSHOI.JPG (82525 bytes)Jennifer Mary Takes a Bow at the Bolshoi LI542

541-ZALINA WITH ARIES AND ANDE.JPG (69207 bytes)Zalina with Aries and Ande LI541

540-UPSY DAISY.JPG (32916 bytes)Upsy Daisy LI540

539-THISLE ROSE & DAY LILY.JPG (43546 bytes)Thistle Rose and Day Lily LI539

538-AMY REBECCA'S FLORAL FANTASY.JPG (77417 bytes)Amy Rebecca's Floral Fantasy LI538

537-ALASANDRA'S ROYAL HEIRS.JPG (47312 bytes)Alexandra's Royal Heirs LI537

536-AEGEA.JPG (46014 bytes)Aegea LI536

534-THE NEW RED JACKET.JPG (48894 bytes)The New Red Jacket LI534

533-LITTLE FLOWER.JPG (56223 bytes)Little Flower LI533

532-THE FRUIT SELLER.JPG (47025 bytes)The Fruit SellerLI532

531-SOLOMON'S COURT.JPG (46175 bytes) Solomon's Court LI531

530-DAHLIA & CHILD.JPG (36498 bytes) Dahlia and Child LI530

529-PHAROAH'S DAUGHTER WITH MOSES IN THE BULRUSHES.JPG (60130 bytes)Pharoah's Daughter and Moses in the Bullrushes LI529

528-JOSHUA AT THE JORDAN.JPG (65534 bytes)Joshua at the Jordan LI528

524-KIRK.jpg (28210 bytes)Kirk LI524

523-THERESIA.JPG (28328 bytes)Theresia LI523

522-PRIMROSE BOUQUET.JPG (42879 bytes)Primrose BouquetLI532

521-PONTE DORO.JPG (63920 bytes)Ponte di Oro LI521

520-CHERRY BLOSSOMS.JPG (71666 bytes)Cherry Blossoms LI520

519-CHERYLL.JPG (73277 bytes)Cheryll LI519

518-FLORAL ETUDE.JPG (59537 bytes)Floral Etude LI518

517-FIRST ARRAGENMENT.JPG (52090 bytes)First Arrangement LI517

516-DARYA'S DAUGHTER.JPG (51765 bytes)Darya's Daughter LI516

467-CHINA PROFILE.JPG (43854 bytes)China Profile LI567

512-VENETIAN STILL LIFE.JPG (61796 bytes)Venitian Still Life LI512

515-PROMISES TO KEEP.JPG (46033 bytes)Promises to Keep LI515

514-DEIDRE.JPG (44736 bytes)Deidre  LI514

513-JOEL.jpg (37549 bytes)Joel  LI513

511-GRACE.JPG (24391 bytes)Grace  LI511

The lithographs above are a sampling of the entire collection of 580 editions of original stone lithographs created by Edna Hibel since the 1960's   Please contact  1-800-771-3362 for prices and availability.

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Links among our Retail Gallery Pages:  Newest Lithographs   Edna's Work in Zurich

                                                             Edna's Statement about Lithography


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